BONUS: Charles Dowding

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Healthy soil – Fewer weeds NO DIG GARDENING Save Time


Frequently asked Questions about “NO DIG” /

Häufig gestellte Fragen zu “NO DIG / Nicht umgraben”

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Dealing with weeds / Vom Umgang mit Unkraut (auf Englisch)


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BONUS: Charles Dowding

Why supporting others to learn no dig is so important to me?
During my years of practice I’ve noticed a lot of wonderful things about no dig. And something that gives me great pleasure is hearing about your gardening successes. I started experimenting with no dig back in 1982. I had an innate sense that it was the right thing to do. The results I achieved from initial trials gave me encouragement to keep going.
I was continually finding that no dig is great for producing wonderful harvests of healthy food. It’s good for the ecosystem and it’s great for our health too. Now I want as many other people to experience the same joy and benefits that I have.

The results of no dig in my gardens:
I’ve seen for myself how effective no dig can be at Homeacres and Lower Farm. I run a working market garden that produces consistent crops throughout the seasons. I achieve this with a low amount of time and effort, and the produce is strong and healthy. I’ve recently introduced three beehives and created a pond to add to the biodiversity of my gardens. And I’ve been really happy to share all this progress with my followers online.

 Supporting you:
I’ve achieved so much in my own gardens and always come back to the desire to teach. For me, the most important part of my work is to spread my knowledge. I love to support others to grow their own food in easy and effective ways. I hope you’ll find the same tremendous joy and harvests.




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